SO excited that somehow, out of so many odds you made your way here! Im super excited to talk to you about you and your soul mates wedding dreams!

Im a Wedding Photographer located in between Charlotte, NC & Dallas, TX but that doesn't stop me from traveling to capture those special moments. Within the last 6 lovely years of freezing those little and big moments for my couples, Ive had the honor of traveled to 12 different states and I don't plan on stopping there! 

If you dont see me holding a camera in my hand you'll find me cuddling up to my husband watching something on Netflix with our cute little Dachshund pup running around trying to play ball.

hello. I'm Tiffany 


Weddings are suppose to be AMAZING, FUN, MEMORABLE. They are full of smiles, laughs, making new memories with friends and family. Its all for your soul mate, for your never-ending love, to be able to scream to the ends of the earths that you are married to the LOVE of your life, you found THE ONE. 

Weddings to me are so important and now experiencing my own wedding/elopement now, I really how stressful it can be and how QUICK it can go by! Without my AMAZING wedding photographer, my wedding day would have been a big blur but now I get to relive those moments by all the snap shots of memories she captured. I strive to make sure your day is LESS STRESSED, more FUN, RELAXED, and most importantly, REMEMBERED for the years to come.

I believe the marriage is greater than the wedding day

Why Weddings?